Macomb Libertarians support end to war on drugs

The Libertarians of Macomb County have passed the following resolution (brought forth by Todd Andrew Barnett) in support of Abrogate Michigan:



  1. Whereas, the ballot initiative crafted by Dana Carver and her treasurer Timothy Locke to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana and to abrogate the War on Marijuana is the most libertarian referendum offered on the ballot for November 2018;
  2. Whereas, the Let’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol initiative is not even remotely libertarian and will create tax and regulatory bodies, will NOT end the marijuana arrests given by law enforcement who are looking to put individuals into cages, and choose who can grow marijuana legally, thus creating a tax-and-regulate environment for the people who use marijuana recreationally and medicinally throughout the State of Michigan;
  3. Whereas, the language of the Abrogate Michigan ballot initiative is the MOST libertarian language to be on the ballot.
  4. Whereas, the most sensible option for Michiganders who want marijuana without any criminal and legal penalties aimed at them.

Be it resolved that the Libertarians of Macomb County will support the petition put out by Dana Carver and Timothy Locke via their group Abrogate Michigan and bring an end to the War on Marijuana via legalization or decriminalization of the substance as a first step to end the abominable War on Drugs, which will restore Michigan’s old constitutional government.
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