Libertarians of Macomb pledge support for liberty activists in Cuba, worldwide

The Libertarians of Macomb County condemns the repeated harassment and detention of the members of The Libertarian Party of Cuba by the ruling Communist government and Castro regime that have occurred for the last several months. On July 7th, seven members of The Cuba LP were arrested outside of party headquarters. Police had surrounded the headquarters to prevent members from attending a protest of the trial for those members previously arrested. Five have been released; Miguel Lopez Santos and Israel Reyes Montero may still be detained. We repeat the statement made by The Libertarian Party in February of this year, when these arrests began:

“The Libertarian Party calls on the Cuban government to immediately release details of the above-mentioned arrests and detentions, including the specific charges being levied against the individuals in question. In the absence of such information, we call for the release of these prisoners.
Libertarian activism worldwide must not be deterred by the attempts of authoritarian leaders, totalitarian governments, and dictatorial regimes to silence the voice of freedom. We condemn any acts of official oppression, and uphold the promotion of limited government and free markets in any country. Furthermore, we call on the U.S. Department of State to publicly denounce violations of the right to free speech, the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to due process abroad.”

The Libertarians of Macomb County also condemn the recent actions of President Trump to restrict newly open relations between the United States of America and Cuba. It is only through free and honest trade that we can create a free flow of information and ideas that plant the seeds of Liberty in the hearts and minds of the Cuban people.

The Libertarians of Macomb County would also remind those on the American Left who would point to aspects of the Cuban government as an example of successful social programs that the perceived “benefit” of collectivism ALWAYS come at the detriment of the individual and the free thinker.

Finally, The Libertarians of Macomb County pledge our support and well wishes to The Libertarian Party of Cuba. We admire their fortitude and continued growth in the face of government oppression.

Cuba Libre!

Mike Saliba
Chair, Libertarians of Macomb County