Libertarians of Macomb County Newsletter April 15th, 2018

It has arrived, finally, the Libertarians Of Macomb Newsletter. Where we will fill you in on the latest Macomb county and Michigan Libertarian party news. This publication will be sent out to all LPM members following our monthly business meetings the second Wednesday of each month at Ike’s Restaurant in Sterling Heights. If you have any questions or want to see anything added, please email

Straight from the porcupines mouths… sort of: Summary of Officers reports

Since the last meeting was our convention we have no officers reports to fill you in on this month. We do have some amazing new officers though!

Something Old, Someone new: The dish on our officers

Chair: Mike Saliba, our dear leader ran unopposed to secure victory once again for the chair he has done such a great job filling this past year. Congratulations Mike! We’re all expecting great things.

Vice Chair: The vice chair race was the first contested race in LPM history. Drew Frydrych beat the former Vice Chair Todd Andrew Barnett with a vote of 12 to 1 to 1, one of those ones being NOTA, as per libertarian tradition. Drew is new to the LPM but has been a member of the party for a few years and active in other affiliates before moving to Macomb. Todd proceeded to leave the meeting after this vote, thus the reason for lower vote totals in the following officer elections.

Treasurer: Our current treasurer, Dave Haglund, also secured his position unchallenged, he has done a great job setting everything up, we couldn’t ask for a better treasurer.

Secretary: In a close race the incumbent secretary, Matt Kuehnel, won against Alicia Beedle seven votes to five. Matt is an audaciously outspoken member, yeah sure, but he is also a damn fine secretary.

Membership Director: our former Membership Director, Benjamin Dryke, chose to not seek re election, instead choose to endorse Frederick Horndt who won his race by unanimous acclamation. Frederick is already hard at work trying to keep current membership happy whilst bringing in new blood that is just as principled.

Development Director: The former Development Director also chose not to run again, instead nominating Catherine Filus, who won by unanimous acclamation as well. Congratulations Catherine, we all look forward to the ideas you will help bring to life

Communications Director: In yet another close race, the incumbent John Kanan won against Alicia Beedle again in a seven to five race. John has done some awesome work, cannot wait to see what he does this term.

At Large Director: Alicia Beedle won this post after a few close races she was nominated for. Shes a new addition to the LPM officer family and she is eager to get to work.

Wanna Hang Out Sometime?:

Our social event This month the members have decided to do a Walley ball day. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but they say it is fun. So keep an eye on our social media page ( for more details. Hope to see you there.

Laws, Rules and Bylaws:

Important changes you need to know about At the convention a bylaws amendment was passed. A dissolution clause was added to our bylaws, in case the affiliate ever dissolves, future libertarians will not have the problems that LPM faced in its beginning.

Run Forest Run: Here is who is running for office!

Mike Saliba US Congress 9th District, reach out to him at

Catherine Filus is running for Macomb County Commissioner in District 10 more info at

Matt Kuehnel announced run for State Rep 22nd district

Vincent Gregory running for State Senate 11th

District John Kanan is running for State Rep 33rd district reach him at

Thanks for reading!​ If you have questions or comments please email and put Newsletter in the subject line.