Our mission is to engage our community with the principles of self-government, to create a strong network of liberty minded individuals in the Metro-Detroit area, and work to improve the lives in our community by actively working to lessen the burden of over-bearing government. We will seek to provide voluntary charitable opportunities to lessen the necessity for taxation. We will support those seeking public office with the goal of providing economic and personal freedom. 

Libertarians reject the initiation of force to obtain political or social goals. All members of the Libertarians of Macomb County must affirm the Non-Aggression Principle. The LMC became an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan on March 26, 2017. For more information on our organization and upcoming events, consider a subscription to our mailing list.



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LMC Executive Committee:

Chair- Mike Saliba  chair@macomblp.org

Vice Chair- Todd Andrew Barnett

Treasurer- Dave Haglund

Secretary- Matt Kuehnel

Communications Director- John Kanan

Membership Director- Benjamin Dryke

Development Director- Nikki Peel

At-large Director- Catherine Filus

Newly affiliated Libertarians of Macomb County at March’s LEC meeting in Lansing

From left: Todd A. Barnett, Catherine Filus, Matt Kuehnel, Mike Saliba, Kim McCurry, John Kanan, Nikki Peel, and Ben Dryke

LMC Bylaws (as adopted at 2017 convention):


I. Name A. The name of this organization is the Libertarians of Macomb County, abbreviated herein as the LMC.
II. Purpose A. The purpose of this organization is to further the principles of individual liberty as expressed in the Non-Aggression Principle of the National and State Libertarian Party, by nominating and campaigning for candidates for political office and by conducting political informational activities in Macomb County.
III. Officers A. The officers of the county Party shall be a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary, a treasurer, a membership director, a development director, a communications director, and one At-Large Director. None of these offices shall be combined. All of these offices shall be elected at a regular county convention and shall serve until the final adjournment of the next regular County Convention.
B. The duties of the Chair are: 1. The chair shall preside at all of the County Executive Committee and at all County Conventions. 2. The chair shall be the chief executive office. 3. In the absence of directives from the County Executive Committee, the chair shall have power to speak for and to generally manage the affairs of the County Party. 4. In years in which a Libertarian primary is required by law, on or before April 1 a. the chair shall forward by mail or otherwise to the board of county election commissioners a certificate showing the number of delegates to the county convention to which each precinct of the county is entitled, as described in MCL 168.623a. 5. The chair shall appoint members of the Party to serve as precinct election inspectors and notify the appropriate city, township, or village board of election commissioners of the appointment, as described in MCL 168.674. 6. Upon completion of one’s term as chair, a departing chair shall be given the honorary title of past chair, and act as adviser to the incoming chair. The past chair shall retain this position until the current chair completes their term.
C. The duties of the Vice Chair are: 1. The vice chair shall act as assistant to the chair, shall preform the duties of the chair if the chair is unable to preform those duties, and is responsible for publishing the Party newsletter.
D. The duties of the Treasurer are: 1. The treasurer shall receive, expend, and account for the funds of the County Executive Committee.
E. The duties of the Secretary are: 1. The secretary shall be the recording officer of the County Party and of the County Executive Committee.
F. The duties of the Membership Director are: 1. The membership director shall be responsible for membership recruitment and retention.
G. The duties of the Development Director are: 1. The development director shall be responsible for fundraising letters and special fundraising events
H. The duties of the Communications Director are: 1. The communications director is responsible for issuing news releases
IV. The County Executive Committee A. The County Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Party. The Executive Committee may appoint a primary alternate and a secondary alternate. In the event that there would not otherwise be a quorum, the first alternate (and if necessary the second alternate) shall count toward a quorum and be allowed to vote.
B. The County Executive Committee shall have the control and management of all the affairs, property, and funds of the Party.
C. The County Executive Committee shall meet at such times and places as it may determine, by call of the chair, or by written request of three of its members.
D. A quorum of the County Executive Committee shall consist of four of its members. A majority of those members present shall rule, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws.
E. The County Executive Committee shall have the power to judge the validity of the seating of any delegate, subject to the appeal of a two-thirds vote of the seated delegates
F. When an executive committee member leaves a seat vacant, the executive committee may appoint a replacement. This appointment will hold until a new officer has been elected to the seat. A County Executive member shall be defined as “leaving a seat vacant” when that member has missed more than two scheduled Executive Committee meetings in a row. The Executive Committee may also, by 6/7 vote remove a member for any reason.
G. If the office of the chair is vacant, the vice chair shall become the chair. The Executive Committee shall fill any other vacancy, except as provided in article VI, section D.
H. The County Executive Committee shall not select a separate County Committee as per MCL 168.599(4) but shall satisfy the statutory duties prescribed to both committees.
V. Conventions A. During even-numbered years, the County Party shall hold a regular county convention before the filing deadline for the August primary. During odd-numbered years, the County Party shall hold a regular county convention between March and not less than seven days before the Libertarian Party of Michigan regular state convention, performing such business required herein.
B. The County Party shall hold a county convention at the call of the Libertarian Party of Michigan Executive Committee, for the purpose of selecting delegates and alternates to a Libertarian Party of Michigan state convention. These state conventions include; the even-numbered year fall state convention, the odd-numbered year regular convention, and the national delegate selection convention. No delegate or alternate to a state convention shall be selected who is not a member of the County Party.
C. A regular county convention may be combined with a county convention called for by the State Party for the purpose of selecting delegates to a regular state convention or national delegate selection convention, provided their time frames overlap.
D. The County Party shall hold a special convention upon the call of the County Executive Committee.
E. All members of the County Party who attend and register at the convention shall be delegates, except as provided by article IV, section E F. For so long as the Libertarian Party of Michigan qualifies to elect precinct delegates to county conventions at primary elections under state law, the County Party shall accept precinct delegates so selected as delegates to county and district conventions called for by the State Party. The County Party shall also accept precinct delegates as delegates to regular and special county conventions
G. Except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws, the procedures at the convention of the County Party shall be in accordance with the rules adopted by a majority of the delegates present at each convention.
H. The County Executive Committee shall have supervision and management of all conventions.
I. The officers of each convention shall be the officers of the County Party
J. Except as provided by these Bylaws, a majority of those voting shall rule on all motions made at the convention.
VI. Selection of Party Officers and Candidates for Partisan Office A. Selection of candidates for partisan office shall be made in accordance with the state law, via primary, district caucus or state convention as necessary. The Party shall not select a candidate who is legally ineligible to serve.
B. Nominations shall be made from the convention floor by the delegates.
C. Party officers and candidates for partisan office shall be chosen by a majority of the delegates voting at the time of the balloting. If no person has a majority after a ballot, the person with the least number of votes shall be struck from the next ballot until one person receives a majority.
D. Voting for party officers and candidates for partisan office shall include “None of the Above.” Votes cast for “None of the Above” are valid. If “None of the Above” receives a majority for a party office, that office shall be held vacant until the next convention. If “None of the Above” receives a majority vote for partisan office, no candidate shall be selected for that office.
VII. Membership A. Membership shall be granted to any person who affirms the Libertarian Organization Non-Aggression Principle, and is either:
(A.) a member of the State or National Party and resides in Macomb County; or
(B.) A member current with dues-paying
a. Lifetime Membership: $150 b. Patron’s Annual membership: $100 c. Liberty Lover’s Annual Membership: $50 d. Sustaining Annual Membership: $25 e. Basic Annual Membership: $10
VIII. Legal and Parliamentary Authority A. The Libertarians of Macomb County, in the exercise of its constitutional rights of free association and speech, as affirmed by the US Supreme Court ruling in Eu, et al.,vs. San Francisco Democratic Committee, State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of California, et al., reserves the right to accept or decline the application of Michigan statutory provisions, which appear to govern its affairs. The incorporation of statutory provisions in these Bylaws is voluntary and is subject to the foregoing reservation. Any violation of statutory provisions by these Bylaws are deliberate and will take precedence over such statutory provisions.
B. Roberts Rule of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the Bylaws or convention rules of the Party.
IX. Amendments: A. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present at a convention.
Bylaws of Libertarians of Macomb County Edition date: July 12, 2017
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