Our mission is to engage our community with the principles of self-government, to create a strong network of liberty minded individuals in the Metro-Detroit area, and work to improve the lives in our community by actively working to lessen the burden of over-bearing government. We will seek to provide voluntary charitable opportunities to lessen the necessity for taxation. We will support those seeking public office with the goal of providing economic and personal freedom. 

Libertarians reject the initiation of force to obtain political or social goals. All members of the Libertarians of Macomb County must affirm the Non-Aggression Principle. The LMC became an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan on March 26, 2017. For more information on our organization and upcoming events, consider a subscription to our mailing list.



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*To learn more about the Libertarian Party of Michigan and its affiliates, visit michiganlp.org

Click here to review the 2016 National Libertarian Party platform as adopted at convention

LMC Executive Committee:

Chair- Mike Saliba  chair@macomblp.org

Vice Chair- Drew Frydrych

Treasurer- Dave Haglund

Secretary- Matt Kuehnel

Communications Director- John Kanan

Membership Director- Frederick Horndt

Development Director- Catherine Filus

At-large Director- Alicia Beedle

Newly affiliated Libertarians of Macomb County at a LEC meeting in Lansing (03.26.2017)

From left: Todd A. Barnett, Catherine Filus, Matt Kuehnel, Mike Saliba, Kim McCurry, John Kanan, Nikki Peel, and Ben Dryke

LMC Bylaws (as adopted at 2017 convention):
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